All You Need To Know About PG & VG Vaping

E-liquid PG & VG Vaping Advice

Vaping has become the acceptable alternative to tobacco. Safer and offering a wealth of variety, ex-smokers and newcomers are taking to vaping and enjoying it. But do you know what you are actually vaping, what is in the e-liquid you use? Don’t worry, we’re not about to tell you some horror story, it’s simply that there are in fact two main components in any vape juice and they can be found in different ratios, these being ‘VG’ and ‘PG’. You may have seen them mentions in terms of ratio, so what are they all about? Let’s have a closer look.

E-liquid PG & VG Vaping Advice


Keeping things simple, here’s an explanation of each: PG is Propylene Glycol. It is used widely in food and in other applications and is entirely safe to ingest. It is PG that replicates the ‘hit’ smokers get from tobacco. VG is Vegetable Glycerine. This comes from vegetable oil; and is a thickening agent, which helps to create the clouds of vapour that are essential when enjoying a vape. You’ll find both of these in any vape oil, but in different quantities for different types. Let’s check out the different options.

E-liquid PG & VG Vaping Advice


Classic E-liquid is a popular choice with both newcomers and seasons vapers. It is called so because that’s what it is – the classic choice. It usually contains PG as 70% or greater, with VG as the lesser amount. This is e-liquid designed to give the best hit, and many users prefer it to the options.

50/50 E-liquid is another option. This type has PG and VP in equal amounts. The benefit of this is that the vapour cloud produced is denser, so the balance of flavour and PG hit is more delicate. There are variations around this theme with slight alterations in the ration for a different effect.

The third type of vape liquid is known as Sub Ohm E-liquid (High VG). This is liquid that contains greater than 50% VG. The cloud of vapour will be thicker and greater, but the hit will be less. This is the way vapers go if they do it for fun or don’t want too much of a it, rather than wanting it to replicate a regular cigarette.

Each can be used in a standard vape device or pen, but you may find the Sub Ohm liquid needs a more powerful charge to vape correctly. Which is for you? Let’s sum things up.


If you want the best combination of a throat hit and flavour, you need to try Classic E-liquid. Not as smooth as the others and producing a lesser vape cloud, this is nevertheless the choice of regular vapers. If you are a beginner, it may be best to start with a 50/50 liquid and move on when you are used to things and want a better hit. Either way, there’s plenty of choice so find a good retailer and try the different vape liquids until you satisfy your taste.


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